Adaptive Reconfigurable Mobile Objects of Reliability (ARMOR)

Success Stories

The reconfigurable design of ARMOR process benefits not only ARMOR processes, but also non-ARMOR applications well. Non-ARMOR applications benefit from the SIFT environment’s ability to host a wide variety of fault tolerance mechanisms, which makes it easy to customize the software-implemented fault tolerance (SIFT) environment for a particular application’s set of dependability requirements:

1. JPL/REE Applications Manager.

The ARMOR-based SIFT environment has been used to protect spaceborne scientific MPI applications as part of the Remote Exploration and Experimentation (REE) project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. ARMOR processes detect application crash failures, ARMOR crash failures, application hang failures through progress indicators sent by the application, ARMOR hang failures, and node failures. The REE configuration of the SIFT environment has been experimentally evaluated through error injections to stress the error detection and recovery mechanisms of the ARMOR processes and to determine the overhead of the SIFT environment as seen by the application.

2. Wireless Telephone Network Controller.

A database server for a wireless telephone network controller has been outfitted with elements that provide a data auditing framework for its in-memory database tables. In addition to the data auditing checks embedded into the database server, process-level detection and recovery provided by the external ARMORs are used to tolerate failures in the controller application.

3. High Availability Framework for Wireless Client-Server Applications.

Standard socket function calls have been overridden to invoke TCP proxy elements incorporated either within the application process or in a local ARMOR process. These proxy elements shield the application from the occasional disconnection expected when using a lossy wireless medium. In addition to transparent recovery of the application’s TCP connections, the ARMOR-based SIFT environment provides the baseline suite of error detection and recovery services to tolerate failures in the application processes.

4. Telecommunications Middleware

Existing middleware processes for a telecommunications application have been extended with elements to implement server failover policies. This particular application requires two particular fault tolerance mechanisms: (1) a mechanism to ensure that the backup node has access to all data written to the primary node’s local disk, and (2) a mechanism for migrating the IP address of the primary node to the backup node to provide client transparency. Both of these requirements are satisfied through elements that plug into either the middleware processes or external ARMOR processes in the SIFT environment.


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