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Software middleware for providing customizable high availability solutions to applications

Accessibility of relatively low-cost, high-performance commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware makes software-based fault tolerance approaches very attractive. Improved processor performance enables developers to delegate fault management to software without sacrificing much in application performance. The growing popularity of distributed and networked systems further accelerates the trend toward software-implemented fault tolerance because networks of nodes naturally provide hardware redundancy, which can be exploited to implement efficient fault tolerance.

Towards this, Armored Computing offers:

Adaptive Reconfigurable Mobile Objects of Reliability (ARMOR) middleware, which

  • Provides a process architecture and runtime environment for managing redundant resources across interconnected nodes

  • Enables application-aware mechanisms and algorithms to:

    - detect errors in user applications and infrastructural components (i.e., the middleware is self-checking and self-healing)
    - recover from failures when they occur,

  • Scales from 1-node, 2-node, and N-node configurations.


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