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Assessment and benchmarking of computing system dependability

The dependability (in terms of availability, reliability, and security) of a computing system (and hence of the services it provides to the end user) depends to large extent on the failure-resilience of the underlying hardware (e.g., microprocessor and memory), operating system and applications. Understanding a systemís sensitivity to errors and identifying its error propagation patterns and single points of failure are thus of primary importance in selecting a computing platform and in assessing tradeoffs involving cost, reliability, and performance.

Towards this, Armored Computing offers:

  • Assessment procedures for experimental characterization of a computing system behavior in presence of errors,

  • Customizable software framework (NFTAPE) for conducting automated fault/error injection based dependability characterization, which enables users to:
    - specify a fault/error injection plan,
    - carry on injection experiments,
    - collect the experimental results for analysis


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