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Assessment and benchmarking of computing system dependability

The dependability (in terms of availability, reliability, and security) of a computing system (and hence of the services it provides to the end user) depends to large extent on the failure-resilience of the underlying hardware (e.g., microprocessor and memory), operating system and applications. Understanding a system’s sensitivity to errors and identifying its error propagation patterns and single points of failure are thus of primary importance in selecting a computing platform and in assessing tradeoffs involving cost, reliability, and performance. More

Software middleware for providing customizable high availability solutions to applications

Accessibility of relatively low-cost, high-performance commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware makes software-based fault tolerance approaches very attractive. Improved processor performance enables developers to delegate fault management to software without sacrificing much in application performance. The growing popularity of distributed and networked systems further accelerates the trend toward software-implemented fault tolerance because networks of nodes naturally provide hardware redundancy, which can be exploited to implement efficient fault tolerance.More

Courses, training and consulting on design and evalution of reliable and secure systems

Founders of Armored Computing are world experts (with rich experience) in development and validation of reliable and secure systems and networks. Armored Computing leverages this experience and offers courses and consulting on “know-how” in building and evaluating dependable computing systems.

Examples of NFTAPE licensing

  • A large computing company – assistance in operating system benchmarking.
  • A major aerospace company – technical support in evalution of single board computers for distributed space-borne applications.
  • A large telecommunication company – technical support and evalution of error resilience of a single board computing platform employed in a monitoring and control loop of a telecommunication system.


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