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Armored Computing aims to bring low cost, transparent to the application and scaleable (supporting large deployments) software-only solutions for providing high availability and security monitoring applicable to all market segments and customer levels and tools to benchmark high availability characteristics of systems and applications.

Why High Availability?

The starting point for discussion on availability and security has to be the cost of information system downtime to a given organization. The higher the cost of downtime, the more stringent availability and security requirements need to be. What is the cost of downtime? The below table shows an example taken from the findings from the study conducted by Gartner Group (1998). These few examples indicate that the loss can be quite significant even for relatively short downtime period.

IndustryApplicationAverage Cost per Hour of Downtime
FinancialCredit Card Sales$2,600,000
RetailCatalog Sales$90,000
TransportationAirline Reservation$89,500

Key to achieving high availability and security is the ability to reduce the recovery time needed to resume system operation while preserving data integrity. Some of the questions to answer include: does one need fast recovery or recovery to the exact state prior to the failure or both? If you do not resume processing right where you left off will it be acceptable or maybe damaging or catastrophic?

Addressing all these questions requires a significant level of unique expertise in designing and evaluating of highly available and trusted systems. Most of organizations do not have this type of expertise and knowledge. In this context Armored Computing provides:

  • the high level of expertise and experience in fault tolerance design techniques, algorithms, and evaluation tools for high availability and security
  • unique technology capable of delivering customizable high availability solutions and security protection.

The technical know-how and low-cost high availability and security solutions offered by Armored Computing can ease a need for highly skilled IT personal and thus, reduce the overall cost of achieving high availability and security in an organization.


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