Adaptive Reconfigurable Mobile Objects of Reliability (ARMOR)

The below summarizes the Armor applications and fault-tolerance techniques we’ve implemented. The armor processes’ reconfigurability and the Armor runtime environment’s self-checking functionality are the key factors that let us provide solutions for multiple application domains.

With regard to the first factor, all the example applications show that level-1 techniques are widely useful, regardless of application specifics and requirements. We implement these generic fault-tolerance techniques as elements that reside in armor processes that are external (and, hence, transparent) to the applications.

The applicability of level-2 and level-3 techniques depends on a given application’s characteristics, and the degree to which it is integrated with the armor. For example, an embedded armor solution works well as a framework for database auditing and checkpointing because we can get full access to client-side database APIs without changes to the application code.

Implementing progress indicators or heartbeats still requires few additions to the code. A level-2 implementation wraps standard library function calls to augment the progress-indicator functionality (for example, the application might send a progress indicator message whenever it called the write() function on a socket). This approach maintains transparency at the source-code level, although it requires relinking if the augmented libraries are statically linked to an application’s executable file.

In contrast, a level-3 implementation requires the developer to alter application source code. Our study shows that approximately 5 percent of errors propagate across the network, and roughly 1.5 percent of these cause the remote nodes that receive the erroneous packets to crash. Armor processes can virtually eliminate such scenarios. Moreover, Armor middleware can successfully recover from correlated failures (or multiple failures occurring in short succession).

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