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Computers and computer networks provide critical services in areas such as electronic commerce, financing, health, and telecommunication. When the systems providing vital services to an organization are down the cost can be devastating: lost opportunities, lost revenues, non-compliance penalties, high maintenance cost. More importantly partners, customers, suppliers affected by the system shutdowns perceive the organization as poorly run and not quite suited to meet their needs.

High Availability

The telecom industry and the circuit switch networks have, historically, provided high availability as a fundamental requirement for services. For example, a switching component has less than 5 minutes per year downtime and provides better than 99.999% availability (or about 5 minutes downtime per year). There is a growing need for other high availability systems, especially in enterprise and corporate IT networks and services (e.g., email, payroll, e-commerce, directories). Moreover, the current trends towards providing critical services over the Web and the growth in e-commerce drive the needs for high availability. Increasing globalization requires that the corporate IT and data networks provide service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There is no good time for a network outage or downtime. The data networks now are starting to require at least 99.99% or 4Nines availability. Even at the personal computer (PC) level, availability becomes important as PC users demand their computers and applications provide much better service.


An increase in the intensity and number of malicious attacks security has become an issue of primary importance in designing trusted systems. Attacks due to malicious code exported to the host computer and accessing secure information on the host are commonplace. The extent of attacks ranges from exhaustion of system resources to seizing of root privileges and ultimately unrecoverable damage. Every day companies face the challenges of keeping their information secure and protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their digital assets.

Why Armored Computing?

Achieving high availability and security calls for open, flexible and configurable solutions that are able to address, in a cost-effective way, a variety of dependability requirements, including availability, maintainability, integrity and security. Such solutions can be based on pre-built and reusable modules, adaptable for a wide range of applications and reusable in different environments.

 Our unique technology enables deployment of highly robust applications and includes:

  • ARMOR—a software middleware to provide high availability transparently to applications
  • NFTAPE—a software framework to enable automated fault tolerance assessment and benchmarking of proposed solutions

Both technologies have been developed and prototyped at the University of Illinois. ARMOR technology offers a scalable low-overhead way to provide high-dependability services to applications. Its fault tolerance design uses coordinated multithreaded processes to manage redundant resources across interconnected nodes, detect errors in user applications and infrastructural components, and provide failure recovery.


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